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The Great British Tattoo Show
TBA 2013
Olympia, Hammersmith Road, London, W14 8UX, United Kingdon

Posted On: 02.20.12

The Great British Tattoo Show 2012
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A Tattoo Show destined to be like no other...
2012 will see the very first Great British Tattoo Show in Olympia, London, UK. Offering our visitors and artists a new experience in a great venue with state-of-the-art facilities and service which is second to none. This show will break the mold of all that has gone before.
A brand new show with a brand new vibe.
As with each of our high quality events, you will experience world-class artists, vendors and traders, all under one roof. There will also be the usual array of fantastic entertainment and attractions.
But what's new? Yet another first for the UK tattoo industry, what we intend to bring to this London tattoo convention, is a massive fashion element that will work beautifully alongside the other elements of the show. We have loads of ideas for this groundbreaking event and all will be revealed as time goes by.
In essence the event will be about tattoos and their association with fashion. We plan to break the floor space (it is one giant room) in to three areas, while having stages and a catwalk/ entertainment area in the centre.
The three areas are Traditional, Contemporary and Urban, and the tattoos, fashion and music in each area will be based around these elements.
Lifestyles ? we all have one. Jobs, friends, acquaintances, interests, pastimes; tattoos transcend our material differences and join us together as one big, beautiful, painted party.
We aim to offer our visitors a five star tattoo event experience to eclipse all others.
Exciting times are ahead...

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