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Bring Me the Horizon

Posted On: 12.17.08

Bring Me the Horizon are five very young British lads with a penchant for the heavy., Their astonishingly good debut mini album set for re-release on Visible Noise on the 30th January, 'This is What the Edge of Your Seat Was Made For', is essentially an 18 minute, mid nineties breakdown; four tracks of intense raging chugging and squealing, stop/starting and severe 'core riffing. Nary a second hand euro thrash riff to be found, nary a melodic sung chorus, all things about this genre that irritate are devoid (well save for ball splitinglyright now tight pants and backwards hair-cuts).

The band have toured with The Red Chord and played with bands such as Aiden and Bleeding Through, only stoking the fire of demand and interest in this astounding group. BMTH's followers are devout, intense and VAST. Already, the band have had over 400,000 plays on the worlds biggest hardcore download site (www.hxcmp3.com), not to mention being in the top 100 played UK acts on MySpace (them and Coldplay were the only UK acts in the top 100!!!). They even have their own tribute band!!!!

Text and Video taken from BringMeTheHorizon.com Website

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