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How to Book an Appointment with Me.

Posted On: 12.05.08

If you are interested in booking an appointment with me via email, you can begin that process right here. (Book an Appointment online.) All emails will be archived on a private area of this site, and you will have the ability to upload any photos that I may need during the design process of your tattoo. Please keep in mind that I only preform around 500 tattoos a year. This means I cannot do every tattoo that is requested. I tend to select tattoos that will allow me to showcase my art rather than logos, lettering and personal designs. The more artistic freedom I have, the better your tattoo will be.


a $100 advance deposit is required for us to reserve your time in the schedule book with Me. The deposit will also serve as payment for the last hour of your tattoo. You can make your deposit by credit card online via PayPal.)

Click Here to get Started.

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