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How to Book an Appointment with Me.

Posted On: 12.05.08

If you are interested in booking an appointment with me via email, you can begin that process right here. (Book an Appointment online.) All emails will be archived on a private area of this site, and you will have the ability to upload any photos that I may need during the design process of your tattoo. Please keep in mind that I only preform around 500 tattoos a year. This means I cannot do every tattoo that is requested. I tend to select tattoos that will allow me to showcase my art rather than logos, lettering and personal designs. The more artistic freedom I have, the better your tattoo will be. If you are looking for logos, lettering and personal designs, I would be happy to recommend an artist (local) for you.

PLEASE READ!!!!! VERY IMPORTANT!!!! I am NOT a corporation, I am NOT a business. I love tattooing and really enjoy the time I get to spend with my clients / friends. I have recently changed my lifestyle and no longer have to slave my life away just to pay bills. Because of this, I was provided an option. Continue to work hard, and make lots of money, or downshift a bit and spend more time with my 2 young children. I choose my kids. I only work enough to provide for my family, and the rest of my time is spent raising them.

I only work in Atlanta Georgia, and I am only there the last 10 days of every month. Yes, I only work 10 days a month. To some of you this may seem crazy, but I assure you my children disagree. I usually work 1 tattoo show each month as well.

When I am at home with my family, I am NOT at work. It may take WEEKS for me to reply to your tattoo request. If this is not acceptable to you, I apologize. There are other artists at our shop that will be more than happy to help you. These artists work full time and can provide you much more face time before your tattoo than I can. If by chance you are okay with 'waiting' for me, then by all means lets create something cool!


a $100 advance deposit is required for us to reserve your time in the schedule book with Me. The deposit will also serve as payment for the last hour of your tattoo. You can make your deposit by credit card online via PayPal.)

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