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Tattoo Master Nov 2010

Posted On: 11.12.10

Check out the upcoming issue of Tattoo Master magazine, its one of the biggest UK tattoo publications out there. Anyway, the ENTIRE magazine is a feature for the shop. Although there is some speculation as to the poor photo selection for ALL of the artists at the shop... It is still a great issue!

Tattoo Master magazine is an industry magazine that is only available to professional tattoo artists. You will not find Tattoo Master on the shelves of your local bookstore. However... a little birdie told me that you can contact the distributors of Tattoo Master magazine and they might just send you this issue if you mention All or Nothing tattoo. You can find Tattoo Master here www.tattoomaster.co.uk

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Timelaspe project #2

Posted On: 02.08.10

So I put together another timelapse music video. I finally used up the old footage ive been sitting on for some time now... not to mention some new stuff. anyway, here ya go.

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Codelink v2

Posted On: 11.18.09

So... those who know me know im into programming and anything computer. well im just about done (95%) with a game i made called codelink v2. if you are into hacking and or hacking simulation type games... check it out :)

Click here to visit the website for Codelink

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Tattoo friends and foolies.

Posted On: 08.25.09

Here is another little video I put together of a bunch of my friends and I doing dumb shit... what can I say, we are good at it. Anyway, most of these clips were filmed at the shop. The others are from my travels. enough chat... enjoy.

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Time-lapse Travels

Posted On: 05.28.09

Over the past year or so, I have been taking these time-lapse videos just for my own personal enjoyment. after my trip to Canada, I was inspired to assemble them together. I threw in a favorite of mine, Radiohead... well, here ya go.

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