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Triple Diamond Tattoo, Brooklyn NY

Posted On: 07.29.13

I am on my way north from the Visionary Tattoo Arts festival in Asbury NJ to Brooklyn. I will be doing a guest spot at Triple Diamond Tattoo in Brooklyn NY. I do have a few slots left, so if you would like to book an appointment during my visit, you can do so here via the appointment information link. You can also contact the shop to book an appointment. I will be there from:
July 30th - Aug - 4th

Triple Diamond Tattoo
257 3rd Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11215

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4th Annual Visionary Tattoo Fest 2013

Posted On: 05.20.13

This has to be one of my favorite shows to work. Aside from being very well put together, it is on the beach with the boardwalk running right through the convention hall. I highly recommend coming out for this event, even if its only for the bon fire on the beach! Visit the official Visionary Tattoo Fest Website Here

On a side note, I will be headed up to Brooklyn after the show for a week, to guest spot at Triple Diamond Tattoo. Be sure to hit me up if you would like to book an appointment.

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Asheville Tattoo Fest 2013

Posted On: 03.02.13

I will be attending the Asheville Tattoo fest again this year. I have an opening if you would like to book an apt. Just follow the steps starting with the APPOINTMENT INFO link at the top of this page. See ya there!

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Mystic Owl Tattoo Travels

Posted On: 03.02.13

We hit the ground running this year, and we are just getting started. Mystic Owl Tattoo from Atlanta Georgia.

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18th Annual Motor City Tattoo Expo

Posted On: 02.16.13

I have openings for this show, hit me asap... don't wait til the last minute!

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